Nilfisk Pressure Washer

Nilfisk C 110 bar Pressure Washer with Patio Cleaner

Jet washer for washing your jet?  No, it’s a pressure washer that we have used only a few times, we bought it to replace our Karcher that was broken, but I fixed it, so now we have two pressure washers – and like in Highlander, there can only be one!

The useless, silly bottle for mixing soap in that they supply with these things is not for sale because I threw it away.  You can buy them separately but I don’t know why you would want to do that, they don’t work and you end up with detergent all over the place.


  • Powerful universal air cooled 1400W motor and long life tough metal pump
  • 110 bar pressure with 440 litres per hour water flow high cleaning power
  • Lightweight and fully movable with wheels, handle and on-board storage
  • Easy to use click and clean connectors with quick and swivel coupling


Splish, splash, splash – a pressure washer