Olympus Lens Bundle

A selection of Olympus lenses and and a 4/3 adaptor so you can use them on Micro 4/3rds cameras like Panasonic – yes, it works, but I can’t fiddling with all that proper photographer manual focus business!  Adaptors for Canon etc. are a few quid on Amazon.

  • Hoya Tele Auto 135mm f2:8
  • Olympus G.Zuiko28mm f3.5 – with Skylight UV Filter
  • Olympus Zuiko 50mm f1.85*
  • Kiron 28mm – 70mm f3.5 4.5 **
  • Super Travenon Auto 2x Teleconverter ***
  • Olympus to 4/3 Adaptor

*The 50mm lens is-  a bit ‘sticky’, not an issue if you use wide open and why wouldn’t you?

** The Kiron zoom does not have a lens cap – BUT, it comes in its own fitted hard case!

*** The 2x Teleconverter is supposed to double your focal length.



Loads of lenses for Olympus cameras